Saturday, February 28, 2015

Aarno Karimo

[Finland] (b 1886/d 1952)

"Finnish soldier, painter, writer, best known for his four-volume Kumpujen yöstä (1929-32), a collection of historical stories from stone age to the independence struggle of Finland. The work, which was a bestseller, appealed to the nationalist sentiments of the time. Karimo's second major opus, Kuva-Kalevala (1952-53), designed and illustrated by the author, was published posthumously. (..) After attending the Lappeenranta co-educational school, he studied art from 1905 to 1906 at Taideyhdistyksen piirustuskoulu (Art Association's Drawing School) and then continued his studies in St. Petersburg (1907-08). His first exhibition Karimo held in 1907. From 1910 Karimo worked in Viipuri for the magazine Karjala as an illustrator, columnist and theatre critic. (..) In 1926 he was appointed Editor-in-Chief of Hakkapeliitta, the weekly magazine of the Finnish Civil Guard. Karimo created the cover illustrations for several issues. (..) At the beginning of the Continuation War between Finland and the Soviet Union (1941-44), Karimo served at the Headquarters, where he put his artistic talents into creating medals of honors. (..) Kuva-Kalevala, a richly illustrated edition of the national epic, was published by Pellervo-Seura in 1953. Karimo had began to plan it after the war, and managed to finish all full-page pictures. Following Karimo's sketches, the artist Hugo Otava completed some of the smaller pictures at the beginning of the chapters."


Finland 1938 "Tercentenary of the Scandinavian Settlement in America" (1) [Recess (State Bank Printing Works, Helsinki)] Sc(214)

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