Monday, January 26, 2015

Koloman Moser

[Austria] (b 1868/d 1918)

During his life, Moser designed a wide array of art works - books and graphic works from postage stamps to magazine vignettes; fashion; stained glass windows, porcelains and ceramics, blown glass, tableware, silver, jewelry, and furniture - to name a few of his interests. He was accepted at Vienna’s Academy of Fine Arts in 1885 ; After the unexpected death of his father in 1888, Moser earned money by illustrating books and magazines, including fashion and humor publications, remaining at the Academy until 1892, and then continued his studies at the School of Applied Arts. In 1900, he was named a full professor and taught decorative drawing and painting until his death. In 1903, Moser and his colleague Josef Hoffmann founded Wiener Werkstätte, whose studios and artisans produced a number of aesthetically and functionally designed household goods, including glassware, flatware, silverware, and textiles.. He his still today famous because of  the Glassware produced in those 1907 , after resigning from the firm, he began to devote his energies to painting and theatre design. Moser also created stamps and banknotes. In 1911, the first exhibition of his painting was held at the Galerie Miethke in Vienna.


Bosnia and Herzegovina 1906 "Various Designs" (16,16,16) [Engr (F. Schirnbock)][Recess] Sc(30,...,45) [ Image Credit of Stamp Collecting World ]

Austria 1908 "60th Anniversary of the Emperor's Accession" (18,18,18) [Engr (F. Schirnbock)][Typo (1h,...,35h)][Recess (50h,...,10k)]

Austria 1908 "Newspaper Stamps" (4,1) [Typo] Sc(P15,...,P18)

Austrian Post Offices in the Turkish Empire 1908 "60th Anniversary of the Emperor Accession" (9,2,2) [Engr (F. Schirnbock)][Typo (10pa,...,1pi)][Recess (2pi,...,20pi)] Sc(46,...,54)

Montenegro 1910 "Proclamation of Kingdom and Reign of Prince Nicholas" (12,3,3) [Engr (F. Schirnbock)][Recess] Sc(87,...,98)

Bosnia and Herzegovina 1912"Various Designs / Various Frames" (21,2,2) [Engr (F. Schirnbock)][Recess] Sc(65,...,85) [There are more Frames ] [INC]

Liechtenstein 1912 "Prince John II" (3,1) (Die Engr (F. Schirnbock)][Typo (Austrian Government Printing Works)] Sc(1,2,3)

Austria 1914 "War Charities" (2,1) [Typo] Sc(B1,B2)

Luxembourg 1914 "Grand Duchess Adelaide" (15,1) [Engr (F. Schirnbock)][Recess] Sc(97,...,111)

Austria 1915 "War Widows and Orphans Fund" (5,5,5) [Engr (F. Schirnbock)][Typo] Sc(B3,...,B7) [ image credit of StampWorld ]

Austro-Hungarian Military Post 1915 "Emperor Franz Joseph" (27,2,2) [Engr (F. Schirnbock)][Recess] Sc(M22,...,M48)

Liechtenstein 1917/1918 "Prince John II and coat of Arms" (6,2,2) [Die engr (F. Schirnbock)][Typo (AGPW)] Sc(4,...,9)

Liechtenstein 1918 "60th anniversary of the Accession of Prince John II" (1) [Die Engr (F. Schirnbock)][Typo (AGPW)] Sc(10) [ the difference from previous designs is the appearance of Dates in the upper corners ]

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