Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ivan Shadr

[Russia] (b 1887/1941)

After 3 Years working in hard conditions in a factory, young Ivan escaped this destiny and started his studies , passing without any preparation the Drawing exams in the Ekaterinburg Art  School.  After wandering for some time through the immense Russia, he tried without success to enter the National Fine Arts Academy ..After a brief passage by the S. Petersburg School of Theater , always with his Artistic Skills in mind , Ivan earned a Scholarship to study Drawing... In 1910 , after serving in the Army , he went to Paris and Rome where he attended the courses of Sculpture and Drawing in "La Grand Chaumiere"  and the Rome Institute of Fine Arts.. After returning to Russia in 1912 , he stayed in Moscow  where he started his Artistic Work... Mainly known by his Sculptures , some of them of  a monumental scale, Ivan Shadr also Lectured in Art and worked in other branches like the design of stamps and Bank Notes...


Russia 1922/1923 "Soldier and Worker" (8,2,2) [Typo] Sc(230,...,237) [Imperforated stamps from Sc(230) to Sc(233)]

Russia 1923 "Soldier, worker, Peasant" (5,3,3) [Typo] Sc(238,...,241A)

Russia 1923/1924 "Soldier, Worker, Peasant" (14,3,3) [Litho] Sc(250,...,264)

Russia 1924/1925 "Soldier and Worker" (10,2,2) [Typo] Sc(292,...,301)

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