Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Edoardo De Martino

[Italy] (b 1838/d 1912)

"He was an officer in the Italian Navy, but by age thirty, influenced by members of the School of Resina, he turned to painting, first in Naples, but then gained fame in London, where his depictions of famous British naval victories and ships were highly prized, including by Queen Victoria. He painted depictions of the naval battles of Trafalgar, of the Nile, and of Cape San Vincenzo. From 1905 onward, he painted also many Italian naval ships. He made a number of paintings during his travels, including of the Brazilian coast.
In August 2013, an exhibition by the Association of commercianti del Casale di Meta (NA) in Naples displayed many of his sketches and works
He was appointed an Honorary Commander of the Royal Victorian Order in the 1902 Birthday Honours  " (Wikipedia)


Argentina 1892 "4th Centenary of the Discovery of America by Columbus" (2,1) [Recess (South American Bank Note Co.)] Sc(90,91)

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