Saturday, December 20, 2014

Professor Derkinderen

[Netherlands] (b1859/d 1925)

Studied until 1880 at the Royal School of Useful and Fine Arts in his hometown and then until 1883 at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam, with a small break in 1882/1883, when he studied at the Brussels Academy. Derkinderen is mostly remembered by his Monumental work , murals and large composite paintings.. he worked also as Illustrator and stained-glass Artist, before reaching to the highlight of his life, when he was appointed as Professor in the Amsterdam State Academy of Fine Arts.. Derkinderen left no extensive oeuvre. As a creative artist and stimulating teacher, his interest in the Netherlands, however, been great, especially for the revival of monumental arts in the service of a community ideology..


Netherlands 1906 "Anti Tuberculosis Fund" (3,1) [Engr (Dies by H. Raeder)][Typo] Sc(B1,...,B3)

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