Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Jakub Obrovsky

[Czechoslovakia] (b 1882/d 1949)

After studying at the School of Applied Arts in Prague he attended the Fine Arts Academy , where he became a professor (1919) and later in the 30's it's Rector..As a painter , his main focus were the Decorative Murals and the Female Figurative motifs..Later in his artistic Life he started his works in Sculpture with Female Statues , Athletic and Antique motifs.. He was one of the designers involved in the creation of the first Czech Postage stamps.. Was awarded with several National and International Prizes...


Czechoslovakia 1919 "1st Anniversary of the Czechoslovak Independence / Legionaries Orphan Fund" (6,2,2) [Typo (B124,...,B126)][Photo (B127,...,B129)][(Cartographic Section of the Czechoslovak Army)] Sc(B124,...,B129)

Czechoslovakia 1920 "Various Designs" (17,4,1) [Typo (United Czech Printing Works, Prague)] Sc(76,...,81)

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