Monday, November 10, 2014

Paul Koroleff (1st Part)

[Russia] (b?/d?)

Paul Koroleff was born in Leningrad..After his studies , worked as sketcher and Illustrator .. He had to flee from Russia and then traveled through several European Countries... 
Arrived to Beirut in 1929 and starts working as a Illustrator .. Koroleff  has designed most of the Lebanese and Syrian stamps issued since 1930, as well as Lebanese coins and notes , lottery tickets and treasury bonds.


Syria 1942 "Proclamation of National Independence" (4,1) [Litho (Imp. Catholique, Beirut)] Sc(282,...,285)

Syria 1942 "President Taj Eddin Hassani" (2,1) [Litho (Imp. Catholique, Beirut)] Sc(286,287)

Syria 1944 "President Shukri El Kouatly" (2,1) [Litho (Beirut)] Sc(C107,C108)

Syria 1946/1947 "Various Designs" (13,4,4) [Photo (Cairo) Sc(319,...,321)][Litho (Imp. Catholique, Beirute)(All others)] Sc(315,...,327)(331,...,333)

Syria 1946/1947 "Air Mail" (11,4,4) [Litho (Imp. Catholique, Beirute)] Sc(C124,...,C134)

Syria 1947 "First Arab Archaeological Congress, Damascus" (2,2) [Litho (Imp. Catholique, Beirute)] Sc(338,339)

Syria 1947 "First Arab Archaeological Congress, Damascus (AIR MAIL)" (2,2) [Litho (Imp. Catholique, Beirute)] Sc(C140,C141) 

Syria 1947 "3rd Arab Engineers Congress, Damascus" (2,2) [Litho (Imp. Catholique, Beirute)] Sc(340,341)

Syria 1947 "3rd Arab Engineers Congress, Damascus (AIR MAIL)" (2,2) [Litho (Imp. Catholique, Beirute)] Sc(C142,C143)

Syria 1948 "Re-Election of President Shukri El Kouatly" (4,2) [Litho (Imp. Catholique, Beirute)] Sc(342,343,C144,C145)

Syria 1948 "Obligatory Military Service" (4,2) [Litho (Imp. Catholique, Beirute)] Sc(344,345,C146,C147)

Syria 1949 "75th Anniversary of UPU" (4,4,4) [Litho (Imp. Catholique, Beirute)] Sc(349,350,C154,C155)

Syria 1949 "Revolution of 30 of March of 1949" (2,1) [Litho (Imp. Catholique, Beirute)] Sc(348,C153)

Syria 1950/1951 "Various Motifs" (10,4,4) [Litho (Imp. Catholique, Beirute)] Sc(358,...,363)(C158,...,C161)

Syria 1951 "New Constitution, 1950" (4,2) [Litho (Imp. Catholique, Beirute)] Sc(364,365,C162,C163)

Syria 1955 "9th Anniversary of the Evacuation of the Allied Forces from Syria (AIR)" (2,2) [Litho (Imp. Catholique, Beirute)] Sc(C192,C193) [Image credit of Stampworld ]

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