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Olle Hjortzberg

[Sweden] (b 1872/d 1952)

GUSTAF OLOF OLLE (known as Olle) Hjortzberg (1872–1959) lived and died in Stockholm, and was a versatile and creative artist. He trained at the Swedish Royal Academy of Fine Arts, of which he was later elected a member. He painted portraits and landscapes, as well as his characteristic flower paintings, in both watercolour and oil. He designed bookbindings, playing cards, book illustrations and bookplates, certificates and posters, including the artwork for the Nobel Prize diploma for literature in 1912, 1913, and 1928-30, and the poster for the Stockholm Olympic Games in 1912.
He illustrated Gustaf V’s Bible, 1910-17, and the Swedish hymnal, 1912, amongst other books. He is also known for his decorative work in Swedish churches and schools..(...)
He was appointed Professor of Drawing at the Royal Academy of Stockholm, a post he held from 1911-37; (..)  Hjortzberg was Director of the Academy from 1911-41. His work was shown in the 1929 exhibition of Swedish art in Paris, and in 2003 his poster for the Olympic Games was used as a the design for a postage stamp by Sweden Post.


Sweden 1920 "Tercentenary of Swedish Post between Stockholm and Hamburg"(from bust of G. Petel) (1) [Recess (Hasse W. Tullberg)] Sc(164) 

Sweden 1920 "Arms" (1) [Recess (British American Bank Note, Otawa)] Sc(115)

Sweden 1920/1933 "Crown and Post Horn" (19,1,1) [Recess (Stamp Printing Office, Stockholm)(1st dies of 35o and 45o BABN,Otawa)(Jacob Bagge 90o,120o)] Sc(145,...,163)

Sweden 1924 "UPU Congress, Stockholm" (16,2,1) [Recess (Jacob Bagge)] Sc(209,...,211)

Sweden 1924 "50th anniversary of UPU" (16,2,1) [Recess (Hasse W. Tullberg)] Sc(225,...,227)

Sweden 1932 "Death Tercentenary of King Gustavus Adolphus II" (from painting by Wahlbom) (6,1) [Recess (Sven Ewert)] Sc (230,...,235)

Sweden 1935 "500th anniversary of the Swedish Parliament" (9,6,6) [Recess (Sven Ewert)] Sc(239,...,247) [some images are credit of StampWorld ]

Sweden 1936 "Tercentenary of Swedish Post" (15,12,12) [Recess (Sven Ewert)] Sc(248,...,262)

Sweden 1936 "Opening of  Bromma Airport, Stockholm" (1) [Recess (Sven Ewert)] Sc(263)

Sweden 1938 "300th anniversary of the founding of New Sweden, USA" (7,5,5) [Recess (Sven Ewert)] Sc(268,...,274)

Sweden 1944 "Sweden Fleet" (7,5,5) [Recess (Sven Ewert)] Sc(351,...,357) 

Sweden 1948 "Centenary of the Swedish Pioneer Settlement in USA" (4,1) [Recess (Sven Ewert)] Sc(400,...,403)

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