Saturday, October 18, 2014

Engelien Reitsma-Valença

[Netherland] (b 1889/d 1981)

In 1904 Engelina was allowed to take drawing lesson in the Royal Academy of Arts, and at the same time continued to absorb all the knowledge related to the Family diamond business..with time Engraving lessons were the chosen way..She was tough by Pieter Dupont and John Aarts and her career was dedicated to painting , drawing , book covers and bookplate's .. she was commissioned by the Postal Office to design several stamps of Historical Figures...


Netherlands 1927 "60th Anniversary of the Netherlands Red Cross Society" (5,5,3) [Engr (Reitsma-Valença/5c)][Recess/5c][Photo/2c , 7.5c] [image credit StampWorld ]

Netherlands 1937 "Social and Cultural Relief Fund" (4,4,2) [Engr (Reitsma-Valença)][Recess] Sc(B95,B96)

Netherlands 1939 "Social and Cultural Relief Fund" (5,5,2) [Engr (Reitsma-Valença)][Recess] Sc(B113,B115)

Netherlands 1940 "Social and Cultural Relief Fund" (5,5,1) [Engr (Reitsma-Valença)][Recess] Sc(B124)

Netherlands 1941 "Social and Cultural Relief Fund" (5,5,1) [Engr (Reitsma-Valença)][Recess] Sc(B136)

Netherlands 1943/1944 "Dutch Naval Heroes" (17,17,2) [Photo] Sc(254,255) [images credit of StampWorld]

Netherlands 1947 "Social and Cultural Relief Fund" (5,5,1) [Engr (Reitsma-Valença)][Recess] Sc(178)

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