Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ali Ali-Khodja

[Algeria] (b 1923/d 2010)

Ali Ali-Khodja was born in Algiers from a Family of Ottoman Origins..He studied Calligraphy and Miniature at the Algiers Fine Arts School.. Professor of the National Superior Fine Arts School of Algiers  from 1961 to 1994.. He devoted himself to painting at first, Watercolors after 1970 and Engraving since 1978... In 1982 he abandoned the Fauna and Landscape Themes to beginning a new approach to color and the use of gold shades in Miniature ... Awarded with many National and International Prizes and Honors..


Algeria 1963 "1st Anniversary of Algeria's Independence" (1) [Recess][Paris Printing Office] Sc(305)

Algeria 1963 "2nd congress of the Union of Arab Physicians" (1) [Recess][Paris Printing Office] Sc(306)

Algeria 1963 "New Constitution" (1) [Recess][Paris Printing Office] Sc(311)

Algeria 1963 "9th Anniversary of the Algerian Revolution" (1) [Recess][Paris Printing Office] Sc(312)

Algeria 1963 "Centenary of the International Red Cross" [Photo][Courvoisier] Sc(313)

Algeria 1964 "Labour Day" [Recess][PPO] Sc(315)

Algeria 1964 "Algiers-Annaba Radio Relay System" [Recess][PPO] Sc(331)

Algeria 1965 "Year of International Cooperation" (2) [Recess][PPO] Sc(337,338)

Algeria 1965 "Centenary of International Comunications Union" (2) [Recess][PPO] Sc(339,340)

Algeria 1966 "Kabyle Arts and Crafts" (3,3,3) [Recess][PPO] Sc(348,...,350) INC

Algeria 1966 "World Meteorological Day" (1) [Recess][PPO] Sc(351)

Algeria 1966 "20th Anniversary of UNESCO" (1) [Typo][BA Printing Office] Sc(361)

Algeria 1967 "Algerian Cities" (3,3,2) [Photo][Delrieu] Sc(369,370)

Algeria 1967 "National Youth Day" (1) [Typo][Recess][BA Printing Office] Sc(378)

Algeria 1967 "Mediterranean Games(Tunis)" (1) [Typo][BAPO] Sc(379)

Algeria 1968 "International Year of Human Rights" (1) [Typo][BAPO] Sc(397)

Algeria 1971 "Creation of Institutes of Technology" (1) [Photo][Delrieu] Sc(465)

Algeria 1977 "Solidarity with the People of Zimbabwe" (1) [Photo][Enschede] Sc(589)

Algeria 1977 "Solidarity with the People of Namibia" (1) [Photo][Enschede] Sc(590)

Algeria 1978 "Road Safety" (1) [Photo][Courvoisier] Sc(612)

Algeria 1981 "Algerian Ships fron the XVII and XVIII Century's" (2) [Photo][Courvoisier] Sc(679,680) INC

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