Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Aarne Karjalainen

[Finland] (b 1898/d 1965)

Karjalainen studied first at the Vyborg Art Drawing School and in 1921/1922 at the finish Art Society Drawing School..After some time working at private companies, he started the collaboration with the Bank of Finland Printing Works in 1934, first as an Artist with the drawing of Bank Notes and stamps, and then in the Head of Department .. This collaboration has finished in 1963 with his retirement...


Finland 1942 "300th Anniversary of the Printing of the first Bible in Finnish" (2,2,2) [Recess (A. Laurén)] Sc(241,242)

Finland 1944 "Death of President Svinhutvud" (1) [Recess (A. Laurén)] Sc(245)

Finland 1945 "80th Birthday of President K.J. Sthalberg" (1) [Recess (A. Laurén)] Sc(246)

Finland 1945 "Sports Fund" (5,5,5) [Recess] Sc(B69,...,B73) [Image Credit of StampWorld ]

Finland 1945 "80th Birth Anniversary of Sibelius (Composer)" (1) [Recess (A. Laurén)] Sc(249)

Finland 1946 "250th Anniversary of Foundation of Pilotage Institution" (1) [Recess (A. Laurén)] Sc(252)

Finland 1946 "Postal Bus" (2,1) [Recess (A. Laurén)] Sc(253,253a)

Finland 1947 "President Paasikivi" (1) [Recess (A. Laurén)] Sc(263)

Finland 1947 "National Sports Festival" (1) [Recess (A. Lauren)] Sc(266)

Finland 1947 "125th Anniversary of the saving Bank Association" (1) [Recess (A. Laurén)] Sc(267)

Finland 1948 "Helsinki Philatelic Exhibition" (1) [Recess (A. Laurén)] Sc(279)

Finland 1949 "50th Anniversary of the Finnish Labor Movement" (2,2,2) [Recess (A. Laurén)] Sc(283,284) [Image Credit of StampWorld ]

Finland 1949 "300th anniversary of the Founding of Willmamstrand and Raahe" (2,2,2)) [Recess (A. Laurén/5mk)(B. Ekholm/9km)] Sc(285,286)

Finland 1949 "50th Anniversary of the Finnish Cooperative Movement" (1) [Recess (B. Ekholm)] Sc(289)

Finland 1951 "300th Anniversary of the Founding of Kajaani" (1) [Recess (A. Laurén)] Sc(301)

Finland 1955 "Interparliamentary Conference, Helsinki" (1) [Recess (B. Ekholm)] Sc(329)

Finland 1955 "100th Anniversary of the Telegraph in Finland" (3,3,3) [Recess (R. Achrén/25mk)(B. Ekholm/ others)] Sc(332,...,334) [Image Credit of StampWorld ]

Finland 1956 "Return of Porkkala to Finland" (1) [Recess (B. Ekholm)] Sc(335)

Finland 1956 "Johan V. Snellman (Statesman)" (1) [Recess (B. Ekholm)] Sc(339)

Finland 1956 "Finnish Games" (1) [Recess (B. Ekholm)] Sc(340)

Finland 1956 "Bicentenary of National Health Service" (1) [Recess (B. Ekholm)] Sc(345)

Finland 1957 "50th Anniversary of the Finnish Trade Union Movement" (1) [Des (O. Erickson)][Recess (B. Ekholm)] Sc(348)

Finland 1957 "Central Federation of Finnish Employers" (1) [Recess (Aarne Karjalainen)] Sc(347) [Image Credit of StampWorld ]

Finland 1957 "Centenary of Birth of Ida Aalberg (after painting of A. Edelfelt)" (1) [Recess (B. Ekholm)] Sc(351) 

Finland 1958 "World Ski Championship" (2,2) [Recess (R. Achrén/30m)(S. Ronnberg/ 20m)] Sc(354,355) [Image Credit of StampWorld ]

Finland 1958 "400th Anniversary of the Pori" (1) [Recess (S. Ronnberg)] Sc(356)

Finland 1959 "150th anniversary of the Inauguration of the Finnish Diet at Porvoo (After paintings of R.W. Ekman and F. Nyberg)" (1) [Des (O. Vepsalainen)][Recess (R. Achrén)] Sc(360)

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