Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Paul-Albert Laurens

[France] (b 1870 / d 1934)

Since his 24 years , time when he made the first trip to Biskra , Algeria had an important role in his work.. Around 1912, with his father and a student of his, Ulysses Ravaut, Laurens worked to decorate the Capitole at the request of the municipality of Toulouse. During the First World War, he worked with other artists on camouflage within the armed forces and their work served as a model for the Allied armies.
Professor of Drawing at the 'Ecole Polythecnique between 1919 and 1934, was appointed member of the French Academy of fine Arts in 1933.


France 1930 "Plain Flying Over Marseille" (2) [Engr (Abel Mignon)][Intaglio] Sc(C5,C6)

France 1932/1937 "Type Paix" (20) [Engr (Antonin Delzers)][Typo] Sc(264,...,283) (stamps issued until 1941 : 

1st Series 1932/1933 (11) 
2nd Series 1937/1939(9)
Surcharge 1st 1934 (1)
Surcharge 2nd (1937) (1)
New Values & Surcharge (1940/1941) (8)

(In construction)

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