Friday, September 12, 2014

Max Svabinsky

[Czechoslovakia] (b 1873 /d 1962)


Czechoslovakia 1920 "President Masaryk" (3) [Engr (E. Karel)] [Typo] Sc(61,...,63)

Czechoslovakia 1925 "President Masaryk" (3) [Photo] Sc(95,96,97) / Left 
Czechoslovakia 1925 "President Masaryk" (14) [Engr (J. Goldschmied)][Recess] Sc(98,99,100,101,101A,101B,101C,101D,102,103,104,105,106,108) / Right

Czechoslovakia 1938 "10th Sokol Summer Games" (3) [Engr (B. Heinz)] Sc(246,...,248) 

Czechoslovakia 1938 "20th Anniversary of the Independence" (2) [Engr (B. Heinz)] Sc(253,254) 

Czechoslovakia 1946 "Independence Day" (4) [Engr (J. Schmidt)][Recess] Sc(318,...,321)

Czechoslovakia 1948 "11th Sokol Congress, Prague (1st Issue)" (3,1) [Engr (J. Schmidt)][Recess] Sc(343,...,345)

Czechoslovakia 1948 "11th Sokol Congress, Prague (2nd Issue)][Engr (J. Schmidt)][Recess] Sc(351,...,354)

Czechoslovakia 1948 "Centenary of the Constituent Assembly at Kromeriz" (2,1) [Engr (J. Schmidt)][Recess] Sc(355,356)

Czechoslovakia 1951 "Julius Fucik" (2,1) [Engr (J. Mracek)][Recess] Sc(440,441)

Czechoslovakia 1953 "10th Anniversary of the Death of Julius Fucik" (2,1,1) [Engr (J. Mracek)][Recess] Sc(607,608)

Czechoslovakia 1955 "Anniversaries of Prominent Personalities" (7,7,2) [Engr (J. Schmidt)][Recess] Sc(700,705) [image credit of StampWorld ]

Czechoslovakia 1956 "Czech Writers (1st Issue)" (4,4,4,) [Engr (J. Schmidt)][Recess] Sc(757,...,760) [image credit of StampWorld ]

Czechoslovakia 1957 "Czech Writers (2nd Issue)" (4,4,4,) [Engr (J. Schmidt)][Recess] Sc(781,...,784) [image credit of StampWorld ]

Czechoslovakia 1957 "300th Anniversary of the Publication of the 'Didactica Opera Omnia'" (4,2,1) [Engr (J. Schmidt)][Recess] Sc(793)

Czechoslovakia 1957 "International Music Festival Jubilee" (6,6,6) [Engr (J. Schmidt)][Recess] Sc(801,...,806) [Image Credit of Infofila ]

Czechoslovakia 1958 "85th Birthday of Dr. Max Svabinsky" (1) [Engr (J. Schmidt)][Recess] Sc(877)

Czechoslovakia 1958 "Cultural Anniversaries" (4) [Engr (J. Schmidt)][Recess] Sc(873,...,876) [Image Credit of Infofila ]

Czechoslovakia 1958 "40th Anniversary of the 1st Czech Postage stamp" (1) [Engr (J. Schmidt)][Recess] Sc(896)

Czechoslovakia 1959 "10th Anniversary of the Signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights" (3,3,3) [Engr (Jindra Schmidt)][Recess] Sc(905,...,907)  [image credit of StampWorld ]

Czechoslovakia 1959 "10th Anniversary of Peace Movement" (1) [Engr (J. Schmidt)][Recess] Sc(912)

Czechoslovakia 1960 "Cultural Anniversaries" (5,5,2) [Engr (J. Schmidt)][Recess]Sc(992,...,996) [image credit of StampWorld ]

Czechoslovakia 1960 "Birth Centenary of Alfons Mucha / Stamp Day" (1) [Engr (J. Schmidt)][Recess] Sc(1019)

Czechoslovakia 1961 "Cultural Anniversaries" (5,5,5) [Engr (J. Schmidt)][Recess] Sc(1037,...,1041)

Czechoslovakia 1961 "Czech Butterflies" (9) [Engr (J. Schmidt)][Recess] Sc(1082,...,1090) [image credit of StampWorld ]

Czechoslovakia 1962 "Celebrities and Cultural Anniversaries" (7,7) [Engr (J. Schmidt)][Recess] Sc(1097,...,1103) [image credit of StampWorld ]

The Stamps for Czechoslovakia are finished.. further studies are needed to add more countries if available...

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