Monday, September 8, 2014

José Veloso Salgado

[Portugal] (b 1864 /d 1945)

Originally from Galicia , Spain, was naturalized Portuguese in 1887.. Came to Lisbon in 1875 where he attended the Fine Arts School.. Later went to Paris where he made the first exhibition ... during 1915 to 1920 we can find some of his work at the Magazine 'Atlântida'..
Awarded with many National and International Prizes..


Portugal 1894 "V Centenary of the Birth of Prince Henry,The Navigator" (13) [Litho (until 100r) Intaglio (150r/1000r)(Giésecke & Devrient, Leipzig)] Sc(97,...,109)

(Some images are credit of José Carlos Tavares)

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