Sunday, September 7, 2014

João Pedroso Gomes da Silva

[Portugal] (b 1825 / d 1890)

Was Professor of the Lisbon School of Fine Arts.. the Excellency of his work earned him medals of Silver and Bronze in the Fine Arts Promotion Society in 1865 and 1880.. The first  works are dated 1837 ; the illustration of Magazines and Books was also among his diverse work ... in 1872  wrote the book "The Wooden Engraving in Portugal" where he imitates all the styles of Metal engraving... The sea and the representation of ships and Naval scenes were his passion and a great number of paintings , drawings and engravings with this thematic was made...  


Portugal 1880/1881 "D. Luis I ' De Perfil ' " (4) [Engr (João Pedroso Gomes da Silva)][Typo (Casa da Moeda)] Sc(52,...,56) 

Some images are credit of 

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