Sunday, September 28, 2014

Guilherme Camarinha

[Portugal] (b 1912/d 1994)

Attended the Preparatory Course of the Porto Superior School of Fine Arts in 1929.. In 1940 he joined 'The Independents' Exhibition..In the end of the 50's he started to work in tiles and specially in tapestry...collaborating with the 'Portalegre Tapestry Manufacture' brought many orders from Official Entities (Museums, Embassy's, Palaces,etc) and opened new Horizons to this Portuguese Industry...Awarded with many prizes, beginning in 1936 with the Amadeu Sousa Cardozo Prize and ending in 1995 with the Gold Medal of Merit from the City of Porto (after his death in 1994..)

Portugal 1962 "18th International Boy Scout World Conference" (6) [Litho (Casa da Moeda)] Sc(886,...,890)

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