Thursday, September 11, 2014

Constantino de Sobral Fernandes

[Portugal] (b 1878 /d 1920)

Human figure (1902)
Brilliant student , Constantino Fernandes earned several prizes and medals during the days in the Lisbon Fine Arts School ;  studying first drawings and then historical Painting, In 1902 Constantino won a scholarship to study in the Paris Fine Arts School... he executed copy's of the Grand Masters Velasquez, Rubens and Rafael during his voyages to Italy, Madrid and Holand in 1905 .. It was with the painting of historical scenes that he distinguished himself , but all his virtuosity and sense of observation were better expressed in his Portrait Paintings... He made several exhibitions in the Lisbon Fine Arts School and we can highlight the importance of his work in the Portuguese Exhibition of Rio de Janeiro , 1908.


Portugal 1912  "Ceres" (15,1) [Engr (José Sergio de Carvalho e Silva)][Typo (Casa da Moeda)] Sc(207,...,) [ this design exists with many different papers, surcharges, overprints and exists also with great variety in all the Portuguese Colonies..]


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