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Victor McCloskey ,Jr.

[USA] (b 1908 /d 1988) 

Victor S. McCloskey, Jr., studied at Corcoran Gallery School of Art in Washington, D.C., located just a few blocks north of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. After completing an internship at the BEP in 1926, he joined its staff as engraver (1930) and then designer (1934).He spent his entire career at the BEP, retiring in 1965.


USA 1932 "10th Olympic Games Issue" (2,2) [RPP (J. Eissler (vignette) & E. M. Hall (lettering)] Sc(718,719)

USA 1933 "Century of Progress/ International Philatelic Exhibition, Chicago" (2,2) [RPP (L. Schofield (vignette) & W. Wells (lettering)] Sc(728,729)

USA 1933 "National Recovery Act Issue" (1) [RPP (L. Schofield (vignette) & W. Wells (lettering)] Sc(732)

USA 1933 "2nd Antarctic Expedition of Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd" (1) [FPP (J. C. Benzing (vignette) & W. Wells & Frank Lamasure(lettering)] Sc(733)

USA 1933 "150th Anniversary of Grant of American Citizenship to General Tadeus Kosciuszko" (1) [FPP (J. C. Benzing (vignette) & E. M. Hall (lettering)] Sc(734)

USA 1934 "Mothers of America" (2,1) [RPP/FPP (J. C. Benzing (vignette)(E. M. Hall & W. B. Wells (lettering))] Sc(737,738)

USA 1934 "Wisconsin Tercentenary Issue" (1) [FPP (Carl T. Arlt (vignette)(Edward H. Helmuth (lettering))] Sc(739)

USA 1934 "National Parks Year Issue" (10) [FPP (J. C. Benzing (vig) · W. B. Wells (lab 1c,3c)(L. S. Schofield (vig) · W. B. Wells (lab) 2c)(C. T. Arlt (vig) · E. H. Helmuth (lab) 4c)(C. T. Arlt (vig) · W. B. Wells (lab) 5c,9c)(L. S. Schofield (vig) · D. R. McLeod (lab) 6c)(J. C. Benzing (vig) · D. R. McLeod & E. H. Helmuth (lab) 7c)(C. T. Arlt (vig) · D. R. McLeod (lab) 8c)( L. S. Schofield (vig) · E. H. Helmuth (lab) 10c) Sc(740,...,749)

USA 1934 "Great Seal of the United States" (1) [FPP (J. Eissler (vignette)(E. H. Helmuth (lettering))] Sc(CE1)

USA 1935 "Connecticut Tercentenary" (1) [RPP (J. Benzing (vignette))(W.Wells (labels))] Sc(772)

USA 1935 "Boulder Dam" (1) [RPP (C. T. Arlt (vignette))(E. M. Hall (labels))] Sc(774)

USA 1936 "Susan B. Anthony" (1) [RPP (C.T. Arlt (vignette))(E.M.Hall (labels))] Sc(784)

USA 1936 "Great Seal of the United States / Air Mail / Special Delivery" (1) [RPP (J. Heissler (vignette))(E.H. Helmuth (labels))] Sc(CE2) INC

USA 1937 "(Army)Sherman, Grant, and Sheridan" (10) [RPP (F.Pauling (vignette))(E.M.Weeks (labels))] Sc(787) 

USA 1937 "Alaska Territorial Issue - Mt. McKinley" (1) [RPP (C.T. Arlt (vignette))(W.Wells (labels))] Sc(800)

USA 1937 "Virgin Islands Territorial Issue - Charlotte Amalie Harbor" (1) [RPP (C.T. Arlt (vignette))(J. T. Vail (labels))] Sc(802)

USA 1938 "Presidential Series" (32) [RPP (*)] Sc(+) 
(*W.O.Marks (vignette))(J.T.Vail (labels))] Sc(+826)
(*M.D. Fenton (vignette))(J.T.Vail (labels))] Sc(+827)
(*C.A.Brooks (vignette))(J.T.Vail (labels))] Sc(+828)
(*J.R. Lowe (vignette))(J.T.Vail (labels))] Sc(+829)
(*L.C. Kauffmann (vignette))(G.L. Huber (labels))] Sc(+832)
(*F. Pauling (vignette))(E.M.Hall & G.L. Huber (labels))] Sc(+833)
(*J. Eissler (vignette))(E.M.Hall & G.L. Huber (labels))] Sc(+834)

USA 1938 "Ratification of the Constitution Sesquicentennial" (1) [RPP (M. Fenton (vignette))(W.Wells (labels))] Sc(835) 

USA 1940 "Coronado Expedition" (1) [RPP (C.A. Brooks(vignette))(J.S. Edmondson (Labels))] Sc(898)

USA 1944 "S.S. Savannah, the first steamship to cross the Atlantic" (1) [RPP (C.A. Brooks (vignette))(J.T.Vail (labels))] Sc(923)

USA 1944 "Centenary of the Telegraph" (1) [RPP (C.T. Arlt (vignette))(J.S. Edmonson (labels))] Sc(924)

USA 1945 "United Nations Conference" (1) [RPP (C.A. Brooks )(A.W. Christensen - Labels -)] Sc(928)

USA 1945 "US Marines" (1) [RPP (C.A.Brooks -Vignette-)(E.H. Helmut - Labels -)] Sc(929)

USA 1945/1946  "Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial " (4) [RPP (A.C. Brooks (portrait 930)(Portrait & Vignette 932))(Mattew D. Fenton (Vignette 930))(A.W.Christensen (Labels))] Sc(930,931,932, 933)

USA 1945 "Navy" (1) [RPP (M.D. Fenton (Vignette))(George L. Huber (Labels))] Sc(935)

USA 1945 "Alfred E. Smith - Governor of New York" (1) [RPP (Carl T. Arlt (Portrait))(A.W.Christensen (Labels))] Sc(937)

USA 1946 "Merchant Marine Issue" (1) [RPP (M.D. Fenton)] Sc(939)

USA 1946 "Veterans of World War II - Honorable Discharge Emblem" (1) [RPP (E.R. Grove))] Sc(940)

USA 1946 "150th Anniversary of Tennessee Statehood" (1) [RPP (C.A. Brooks)] Sc(941) 

USA 1946 "150th Anniversary of Iowa Statehood" (1) [RPP (M.D. Fenton)] Sc(942)

USA 1947 "Joseph Pulitzer Issue" (1) [RPP] Sc(946)

USA 1948 "Centenary of Wisconsin's Statehood " (1) [RPP (R.M. Bower)] Sc(957) 

USA 1948 "Century of Progress of American Women" (1) [RPP (C.T. Arlt)] Sc(959)

USA 1948 "Francis Scott Key" (1) [RPP (R.M. Bower)] Sc(962) 

USA 1948 "Salute to Youth Issue" (1) [RPP (M.D. Fenton)] Sc(963)

USA 1948 "Mt. Palomar Observatory" (1) [RPP (G.A. Gundersen)] Sc(966) 

USA 1948 "50th Anniversary of the Rough Riders" (1) [RPP (C.T. Arlt)] Sc(973)

USA 1948 "Moina Michael - Originator of Flanders Field Memorial Poppy" (1) [RPP (C.A. Brooks)] Sc(977)

USA 1949 "200th Anniv. of Washington & Lee University" (1) [RPP (E.R. Grove)] Sc(982) 

USA 1950 "75th Anniv. of the American Bankers Association" (1) [RPP (C.A. Brooks)] Sc(987)

USA 1950 "Famous American Labor Leader Samuel Gompers" (1) [RPP (C.A. Brooks)] Sc(988)

USA 1950 "Statue of Freedom on the Capitol Building Dome" (1) [RPP (C.A. Brooks)] Sc(989)

USA 1950 "Centenary of Kansas City, Missouri" (1) [RPP (R.M. Bower)] Sc(994)

USA 1950 "California Statehood Centennial" (1) [RPP (M.D. Fenton)] Sc(997)

USA 1951 "The Landing of Cadillac" [RPP (Charles A. Brooks)] Sc(1000)

USA 1952 "Birth Bicentenary of Betsy Ross (maker of first American flag)." [RPP (Charles A. Brooks)] Sc(1004)

USA 1952 "175th Anniversary of the Arrival of Lafayette in America" [RPP (Charles A. Brooks)] Sc(1010) 

USA 1952 "Centenary of American Society of Civil Engineers" [RPP (M. D. Fenton)] Sc(1012)

USA 1952 "Gutenberg Bible Issue" [RPP (A.W. Diantaman)] Sc(1014)

USA 1952 "International Red Cross Stamp" [RPP (Charles A. Brooks)] Sc(1016) 

USA 1953 "Ohio Statehood Sesquicentennial" [RPP (M.D. Fenton)] Sc (1018) 

USA 1954 "200th Anniversary of the Columbia University" [RPP (Charles A. Brooks)] Sc(1029)  

USA 1954/1968 "Liberty Issue" (28,28,7) [RPP] 
1955 [Des (Charles R. Chickering)][Vignette/M. Fenton : Frame/ Charles A. Brooks : Lettering/ George Payne] Sc(1039) 
1959 [Vignette & Frame/ Richard M. Bower  : Lettering/ Charles A. Smith] Sc(1045) 
1958 [Des (Charles R. Chickering)][Vignette/A.W. Dintaman : Lettering/Charles A. Smith) Sc(1046) 
1958 [Des (Charles R. Chickering)][Vignette/R.M. Bower : Lettering/J.S. Edmondson] Sc(1048) 
1957 [Des (Charles R. Chickering)][Vignette/M. Fenton : Frame/Charles A. Brooks :
Lettering/Robert Jones] Sc(1049) 
1958 [Des (Charles R. Chickering)][Vignette/W.A. Dintaman : Frame/Charles A. Brooks : Letterring/ J.S. Edmondson] Sc(1052)
1956 [Des(Charles R. Chickering)][Vignette and Frame/Charles A. Brooks : Lettering/J. Edmondson] Sc(1053)

USA 1955 "Pennsylvania Academy of the Arts Sesquicentennial " [RPP (Charles A. Brooks)] Sc(1065) 

USA 1955 "Andrew W. Mellon Issue" [RPP (R.M. Bower)] Sc(1072) 

USA 1956 "Fifth International Philatelic Exhibition Souvenir Sheet" [FPP] Sc(1075) 

USA 1956 "Wheatland - Home of President Buchanan" [RPP (Charles A. Brooks)] Sc(1081)

USA 1957 "US Flag Issue" [GPP (Charles A. Brooks)] Sc(1084)

USA 1962 "Honouring Sam McMahon" (1) [RPP (Richard M. Bower)] Sc(1200)

USA 1962 "Breezing Up" (1) [GPP (Charles A. Brooks)] Sc(1207)

USA 1963 "International Red Cross Centenary" (1) [RPP (Richard M. Bower)] Sc(1239)

USA 1963 "Bald Eagle Air Mail stamp" (1) [RPP] Sc(C67)

USA 1964 "Voting Campaign" (1) [GPP (Richard M. Bower)] Sc(1249)

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