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Jindra Schmidt [1st Part (Czechoslovakia 1945/1957) ]

[Czechoslovakia] (b 1897 / d 1984)


"Jindra Schmidt studied at the Prague School of Applied Arts  where he develop some recently acquired knowledge in Graphic Arts..In 1929 he started working in the Bank Note Printing, along with Alfonse Mucha and Max Svabinsky.. last minute details and small and less important works were part of day to day Tasks.. then , closer to WWII he start's to participate as First engraver in the production of Notes... 

Biography : Wikipedia
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Czechoslovakia 1945/1947 "Independence Series" (12,3,3) [Recess (Jindra Schmidt)] Sc(293,...,300A)

Czechoslovakia  1946 "AIR MAIL" (9,3,1) [Engr (Jindra Schmidt)][Recess] Sc(3C19,C20,C21,C23)

Czechoslovakia 1949 "25th Anniversary of the Death of Lenin"  (2,1) [Engr (Jindra Schmidt)][Recess]  Sc(370,371)

Czechoslovakia 1949 "Death Centenary of Chopin" (2,1) [Engr (Jindra Schmidt)][Recess] Sc(389,390)

Czechoslovakia 1949 "70th Birth Anniversary of Stalin" (2,2,1) [Engr (Jindra Schmidt)][Recess] Sc(399,400) [image credit of Stampworld ]

Czechoslovakia 1951 "30th Anniversay of Czechoslovak Communist Party (2nd Issue)" (2,1) [Engr (Jindra Schmidt)][Recess] Sc(455,458)

Czechoslovakia 1951 "Czechoslovak Soviet Friendship" (3,2,1) [Engr (Jindra Schmidt)][Recess] Sc(487,489)

Czechoslovakia 1953 "10th Death Anniversary of Vaclaveck (writer)" (2,2,1) [Engr (J. Goldschmied)][Recess] Sc(580)  [image credit of Stampworld ]

Czechoslovakia 1953 "Death of President Gottwald" (2,1) [Engr (K. Svolinsky)][Recess] Sc(584,585)

Czechoslovakia 1953 "Labor Day" (4,4,1) [Engr (Jindra Schmidt)][Recess] Sc(592)  [image credit of Stampworld ]

Czechoslovakia 1953 "Socialist Buildings and Industry" (3,3,1) [Engr (L. Jirka)][Recess] Sc(596)

Czechoslovakia 1953 "Army Day" (3,3,1) [Engr (J. Goldschmied)][Recess] Sc(615) [image credit of Stampworld ]

Czechoslovakia 1953 "Czechoslovak Korean Friendship" (1) [Engr (Jindra Schmidt)][Recess] Sc(620)

Czechoslovakia 1953 "Vaclav Hollar" (2,2,1) [Engr (Jindra Schmidt)][Recess] Sc(630)  [image credit of Stampworld ]

Czechoslovakia 1954 "70th Birthday of Zapotocky" (2,1) [Engr (Jindra Schmidt)][Recess] Sc(676,677)

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