Thursday, July 31, 2014

Roque Gameiro

[Portugal] (b 1864/d 1935)

Roque Gameiro was a great Portuguese painter specialized in watercolors..
Studied in the Academy of Fine Arts of Lisbon and also attended the School of Arts and Crafts in Leipzig, where he studied lithography. In 1894 was nominated professor at the Industrial College of Principe Real..During his life he colaborated in several magazines : "A comédia Portuguesa", "Branco e Negro", "Brasil-Portugal" and "Atlântida" ...
Roque Gameiro was responsible , together with Manuel de Macedo for the illustration of the Great illustrated Edition of the "Lusiadas" of Camões.

Biography : wikipedia

Portugal 1898 "IV Centenary of the Discovery of the Maritime Route to India" (8,8,1) [Recess (Waterlow & Sons,London)] Sc(147) [Common Design used in the Colonies with different Surcharges and Overprints ]

Portugal 1903/1909 "Lisbon Geographic Society" (2,2,2) [Litho ( A Editora Lda, Lisboa)] Sc(3S1,3S2) [ issued in different years , with and without crown and overprinted ]

Portugal 1927 "Independence of Portugal 2nd Series" (15,6,2)[Engr (George Harrison)(Norman Broad)][Recess (Thomas De La Rue, London)] Sc(423,426,427,430,433) 

Portugal 1928 "Independence of Portugal 3rd Series" (16,6,2) [Engr (George Harrison)(Norman Broad)][Recess (Thomas De La Rue, London)] Sc(438,440,442,446,448,450) 

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