Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Alberto de Sousa

[Portugal] ( b 1880/d 1961)

In 1897 was admited to the Industrial Design Atelier of Roque Gameiro  ; worked in the "O Seculo" and other Portuguese and International Newspapers and Magazines..
Made regular Art Exhibitions since the beginning of the 20's ..  In 1931 he participate in the Paris Colonial Exhibition with a group of Watercolor Paintings about Portuguese Monuments in Morocco.. Alberto de Sousa made also numerous Book Illustrations.


Portugal 1927 "Portugal Independence ("2nd Series)" (15) [1,(1)] Sc(422,424,429,432) [Intaglio (George Harrison/Norman Broad)] [Print (Thomas De La Rue & Co. Ltd)]
Portugal 1928 "Portugal Independence (3rd Series)" (16) [2,(1)] Sc(441,445,449) [Intaglio (George Harrison)] [Print (Thomas De La Rue & Co. Ltd)]

Portugal 1924 "IV Cent. Of the Birth of Luis De Camões" (31) [3,(7)] Sc(315,...,345) [Intaglio (G. Fairweather, J.A.C. Harrison)] [Print (Waterlow and Sons Limited, London)]

Portugal 1925 "Birth Centenary of Camilo Castelo Branco (novelist)" (31) [4,(6)] Sc(346,...,376) [Intaglio (G. Fairweather, J.A.C. Harrison)] [Print (Waterlow and Sons Limited, London)]

1940 "Tercentenary of Restoration of Independence" (6) [Perf 12.5][Intaglio (Waterlow and Sons Limited , London][Print (W. & S.Limited, London)] Sc(202,...,207)

Portugal 1940 "VIII and III Cent. Of the Foundation and Restoration of the Portuguese Nation" (8) [5,(1)] Sc (591,594) [Intaglio (J. Armando Pedroso, Renato Araújo)] [Print (Bank of Portugal)]


Portugal 1944 "3rd National Philatelic Exhibition, Lisbon" (4) [6,(1)] Sc(634,...,637) [Typo (Arnaldo Fragoso)] 

Angola 1948 "Tercentenary of Restoration of Angola" (10) [7,(10)] Sc(305,...,314) [Litho (Litografia da Maia, Porto)]

Angola 1949 "Angola Landscapes" (7) [8,(4)] Sc(321,322,323,324) [Litho]

Cape Verde, 1948 "Cape Verde Landscapes" (9) [9,10,(7)] Sc(258,...,264) [Litho (National Litography, Porto)]

St. Thomas & Prince Islands 1952 "Navigators" (6) [Perf 14][Litho (Litografia da Maia,Porto)] Sc(357,...,362)

Cape Verde, 1952 "1st Tropical Medicine Congress, Lisbon" (1) [11,(1)] Sc(287) [Litho]

Guinea, 1946 "V Centenary of the Discovery of Guinea" (7) [12,(7)] Sc(251,...,257) [Litho (National Litography, Porto)]

India, 1948 "Portraits" (5) [13,(5)] Sc(475,..,479) [Litho (National Litography, Porto)]

India 1946 "Portraits and Views" (8) [(8)] Sc(464,...,471) [Litho (National Lithography, Porto)]

Macau 1948 "Monuments and Landscapes" (12) [Perf 11][Litho (Litografia Nacional, Porto)] Sc (324,...,335)


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