Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Manuel Lapa

[Portugal] (b 1914/d 1979)

 Graduated at the School of Fine Arts of Lisbon . In 1940 joins the team of artists of the Portuguese World Exhibition ; Collaborates on Panorama (Portuguese art magazine and tourism) ; assume the artistic direction of the magazine Atlantic (1942). Participates in the 'I Exhibition of Modern Illustrator's Artists , SPN , (Porto, 1942); 
In 1948 he is part of the team of artists-decorators of the Museum of Popular Art ..  In 1953, directs the illustration and publication of the work Olisipo Guide: Roadmap of Lisbon . In 1969 along with António Quadros (1923-1993), Lima de Freitas (1927-1998) and Manuel Martins Costa (1922-1996) was one of the core founders of the Institute of Art, Design and Decoration (IADE), Lisbon.  
Awarded with many Official State distinctions and Prizes... 

Portugal 1952 "4th Centenary of the Death of St. Francis Xavier" (4) [Perf 13.5] [Intaglio (Antonio da Conceição Pais Ferreira)] [Bank of Portugal]Sc(753,...,756)

Portugal 1953 "14th Centenary of Landing of St. Martin of Dume on Iberian Peninsula" (2) [Perf 13.5] [Litho][Litografia Portugal, Lisboa] Sc(776,777)

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