Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pedro Guedes

[Portugal] (b 1874/d ??)

Born in Macau, came to Portugal during his childhood ; studied in Casa Pia and the School of Fine Arts of Lisbon where he became professor during the 30's.. profoundly linked to the birth of the Fine Arts National Society, he was very active between 1901 and 1957 and his works were mostly oil paintings, Watercolors and illustrations.. 

Museu Virtual do Design Português

Portugal 1940 "Centenary of First Adhesive Postage Stamps" (8) [Perf 11.5 x 12] [Typo (Arnaldo Fragoso)] Sc(595,...,602)

Portugal 1949 "Avis Dinasty" (8) [1,(8)] Sc(694,...,701) [Helio]

Portugal 1951 "Birth Centenary of Guerra Junqueiro (Writer,Poet)" (2) [Perf 13.5] [Litho]  Sc(727,728)

Portugal 1952 "Birth Centenary of Prof. Dr. Gomes Teixeira" (2) [Perf 14.5] [Litho] [Litografia Nacional, Porto] Sc(751,752)

Portugal 1953 "Birth Centenary of Guilherme Gomes Fernandes" (2) [Perf 13] [Litho] [Litografia da Maia] Sc(778,779)

some images are credit of StampsPortugal
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