Saturday, June 21, 2014

Louis-Eugène Mouchon

[France] (b 1843/d 1914)

Portugal 1882 "King D. Luis I Portrait (flat paper)" (2) [1,(1)] Sc(60c,61)  Mouchon has designed only the bust

Belgium 1893/1900 "King Leopold II" (16) [Des (H. Hendrickx)][Engr (A. Doms)][Typo]  Sc(60,...,75) 

Portugal 1898/1905 "King D. Carlos I" (22,1) [Engr (Louis-Eugene Mouchon)][Typo] Sc(110,...,131) [This design was repeated in all the 8 Portuguese colonies] 

 Netherlands 1899/1924 "Queen Wilhelmina" (27) [Des (D.E.C. Knutell/Frame)][Engr (H. Raeder/Frame)(Louis-Eugene Mouchon/Head)][Typo] Sc(55,...,82) 

France 1900/1901 "Type Mouchon" [Typo] Sc(116,...,120) [this Design was used in some of the French Colonies and retouched in France by 1902..)[the stamp used is from French Morocco Sc(43)]

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