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Albert Decaris (1st Part 1935/1944)

[France] (b 1901/d 1988)

Grand Prix de Rome 1919 ; illustration of books, designer and engraver of more then 170 stamps in France and about 400 in North African Countries.. Also made several large formats works with 1 meter large.. numerous honors by France and French Postal Authority.


France 1935 "Maidon Voyage of Liner Normandie" (1) [1,(1)] Sc(300) [Engr (Albert Decaris)]

France 1935 "Sites Et Monuments / Arles (Cloitre de L'Eglise St. Trophime" (1) [Intaglio (Albert Decaris)] Sc(302)

French Guiana 1935 "West Indies Tercentenary" (6,2,1) [Intaglio (Albert Decaris (?))] Sc(156,...,158)

Ivory coast 1936 "Sights and Views" (41,4,1) [Intaglio (Albert Decaris)] Sc(129,...,142)

Cameroon 1937 "Paris International Exhibition" (6,6,2) [Intaglio (Albert Decaris)] Sc(220,222) [ Image credit of StampWorld ] [ repeated in all the African colonies , with change in the country Label..)

French Guinea 1938 "Sights and Views" (33,4,2) [Intaglio (Albert Decaris)] Sc(141,...,160)

Mauritania 1938 "Sights and Views" (34,4,1) [Intaglio (Albert Decaris)] Sc(82,...,88)

New Caledonia 1938/1940 "Air" (6,1) [Intaglio (Albert Decaris)/Picture][Typo (Labels)] Sc(C1,...,C6)

France 1939 "Laying of the Keel of the Battleship 'Clemanceau'" (1) [Intaglio (Albert Decaris)] Sc(371)

Cameroon 1939 "Postage Due Stamps" (10,1) [Engr (Albert Decaris)][Recess] Sc(J14,...,J23)

Cameroon 1939 "New York World's Fair" (2,1) [Engr (Albert Decaris) Recess (Institut de Gravure,Paris)] Sc(223,224) [ Image credit of StampWorld ] [ repeated in all the Colonies , with change in the country Labels..]

France 1941 "Liner Pasteur" (1) [Intaglio (Albert Decaris)] Sc(B114)

Dahomey 1941 "Sights and Views" (22,4,1) [Intaglio (Albert Decaris)] Sc(113,...,117)

Togo 1941 "Sights and Views" (26,4,1) [Engr (Albert Decaris)][Recess (Institut de Gravure de Paris)] Sc(283,...,289)

France 1943 "18th Century Costumes/ 'Coiffe Bretonne'/'Coifee De Provence'" (6,6,2) [Intaglio (Emile Feltesse 1.20F+2F)(Albert Decaris 5F+7F)] Sc(B168,B172) [ Image credit of StampWorld ]

France 1944 "Centenary of the Birth of Edouard Branly" (1) [Intaglio (Albert Decaris)] Sc(471)

France 1944 "National Relief Fund " (6,6,1) [Intaglio (Albert Decaris)] Sc(B182) [ image credit of Stampworld ]

France 1944 "Centenary of the Battle of Isly" (1) [Engr (Albert Decaris)][Recess] Sc(497)

[ I don't know exactly in Albert Decaris designed the 1939 Postage due stamps.. I know he was the engraver and it very possible that he was also the designer... Please accept this info with Caution. ]

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